Travel and Celebrate – Plan your vacation now

Festivals bring happiness to the people. In earlier days, festivals are celebrated by people in the particular area. This is the reason for different festivals in different regions. Nowadays, people from different parts take part in different region festivals. Even some people make their travel specially to take part in certain festivals. Some people want to go for a vacation at the festival time of some country. There are a number of festivals are in the world that is worth to travel and take part.

It is better to know much about a festival before traveling around a festival. This is because knowing the time and place of the festival will help you to take part in it easily.

Let us see some of the upcoming festivals of different countries that you can make plan to travel 

Chinese moon festival

This is also known as the Mooncake Festival or Mid-Autumn festival of China. This festival is a perfect one for spending time with friends, families and lovers. This festival is celebrated in all parts of China and other places with largest Chinese population like Singapore and other cities of Asia. This festival is soon coming up in the month of September. If you want to enjoy this festival, it is the right time to plan the travel

Diwali of India

This is a famous and well-known festival of the world. This festival is also called as the festival of lights. This festival is usually celebrated in the month of October of this year. This festival is a grand celebration in India where one must have to take part in it. You can enjoy the colorful vacation with this festival. You can order sparklers online and fire them during this festival. This is one of the best festivals to travel and take part

Carnival of Venice, Italy

This is a lavish and glittering event that is celebrated in the floating city of Italy. This festival is celebrated every year in Venice and this is an encompassing excuse for the visitors to dress to the nines. This is a perfect festival to take part and travel around

Stars of the White Nights festival

This is one of the most popular and diverse musical and cultural events in Russia. This festival runs the entire season of the midnight sun, when night becomes extended twilight, and is a true variety of the arts such as the music, opera, ballet, film and all sorts of outdoor celebrations.

Running of the bulls in Spain

This is a world-famous festival which is held every year in Spain. In this festival men and women from various parts of the world dressed in white clothes and running for their lives in the short streets of the city. This is a Spanish celebration that includes bullfights, flamenco music, fairs, markets and parades and fireworks. Tourists and visitors from other countries take part in this festival in larger numbers. This festival is suitable for people who want to travel around for a festival and take part in that festival.

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