Top 5 Websites to Find Burj Khalifa Ticket Deals Online

Dubai is no less than a paradise on earth. In the middle of this paradise stands the world’s tallest building, named the Burj Khalifa. Standing in at 869 meters tall, the Burj Khalifa is an iconic building which is spectacular, stunning and a sight worth remembering. Every tourist who comes to Dubai wants to visit Burj Khalifa for sure. But sometimes it can be quite difficult to get tickets to view this magnificent skyscraper. Moreover, if you want immediate admission, it can cost you four times more. Hence you need to get a deal before visiting, and here we have mentioned some websites from where you can get the best Burj Khalifa ticket deals. Have a look.


This site offers a great deal for people looking to visit the Burj Khalifa. At just $34 for the ticket, you can get some great features and offers in this deal. Not only you can visit any floor till the 124th, but you can also get special access to the 125th floor and watch the Dubai Skyline to give yourself an unforgettable experience. The best part is that you can cancel the tickets till two days before and get free admission for toddlers up to 3 years of age.


Groupon offers one of the best deals for Burj Khalifa tickets. It offers the deal at just 145 AED. Although the price is same as the gate price, but with this deal, you can get some amazing offers which include fast track preference, some snacks and even a cup of coffee at the cafe after the end of the tour. Not only you have a secured admission, but you also get some good additions at the same price if you buy your deal from Groupon.


Expedia offers another great deal for Burj Khalifa tickets. The deal is available at a price of approximately 2200 rupees. In this deal, not only you get the tickets, but you also get the choice to cancel the tickets anytime. Moreover, you don’t have to pay any booking amount or credit card fees. You can get an amazing 360 degree view of downtown Dubai. Besides this, when you come down, you get to witness a light and dance show on the fountains which will leave you mesmerized. It’s much more than what you will get with the gate tickets and this is why Expedia is one of the best website to find the Burj Khalifa ticket deals. offers Burj Khalifa ticket deals at $34 flat price. In this deal, they give you much more offers than the tickets itself. In this deal, you can get a multimedia presentation‚Äčto let you know everything about the tour before you actually go for it. They also give you telescopes to help you in easily spotting some of the major attractions such as the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and the Atlantis Hotel amongst others. So book your tickets online from and get these amazing offers by just paying for the tickets.


This site offers one of the best deals for Burj Khalifa tickets. Although the price is quite similar to some of the other sites, which is approximately $34, but the services offered along with it are quite astonishing to say the least. Your tickets get delivered instantly, and with them, you get access to 124th as well as the 125th floor. Also if you show your tickets at the souvenir shop, then you can also avail a 10% discount. You get to enter through the Dubai Mall which is an amazing experience on itself. So if you are looking to buy Burj Khalifa tickets, then you should instantly log on to and get a great deal at a low price.

The Last Words

So, here we came across some of the best deals which are available online for Burj Khalifa tickets. By booking online, not only you can save yourself from long queues for the tickets, but you can also get some huge discounts and some additional offers, services and discounts. It is well worth to buy Burj Khalifa ticket deals online and enjoy a great visit to this amazing man made wonder, the Burj Khalifa.