Kolkata; the city filled with art

Kolkata, the capital city during the British rule is one of the most passionate cities in India. The city is very famous for its art, food and the street shopping. It is one of the cities that has a bit of the past kept intact in form of the black taxi which is found only in Kolkata or the trams that still run around the city. Famous for its majestic buildings which were built during the British Rule, this city has the blend of both historic architectures as well as the new modern architecture.

The city is also known for its inclination towards art and has been the origin of many famous artists today. This is the city where artists like Rabindranath Tagore and Satyajit Ray. This city is very famous for its street-side shopping and one has to visit its night market while in Kolkata. Apart, from that Kolkata is also very famous for sweets and the roadside food that one can get there.

Travelers can also enjoy the city at easy wherein; the people there are very friendly and welcoming. Kolkata is also very close to some of the amazing holiday destinations and one can easily go to places like Shankarpur, Digha, and Sundarbans from there by simply hiring a Kolkata Outstation cabs.

Some of the ‘Must-See’ places in Kolkata are:

Fort William: This fort is situated on the banks of the Hooghly River and has gotten its name from King Willian III. This fort was set up during 1696 by the British East India Company and has taken 10 years to complete its construction.

The construction of this fort has an inner wing known as Bastille. This wing was also known as the black hole of Calcutta because this was the wing wherein the prisoners were kept.

Today, one can enjoy the magnificent view of this fort and can also learn about the history of Calcutta during the British rule, while it was the capital of their rule.

Howrah Bridge: The Bridge is laid over the Hooghly River and is one of the busiest bridge that is there in Kolkata as this is the bridge that connects Howrah to Kolkata.

This bridge on a daily basis sees more than millions of cars and heavy load vehicles passing by. As for a traveler, one can enjoy the unique architecture of the bridge. One can also enjoy the view of the Hooghly River from there.

This bridge is one of the iconic sites in Kolkata and till date has been telecasted in several movies and shows. This bridge is also a perfect representation of the modern Kolkata and one can enjoy the great view from there during the nighttime. One can book taxi in Kolkata and enjoy the view from there.

Belur Math: This math was founded by Swami Vivekananda and is headquarter of the Ramakrishna Math and mission. This math is situated towards the western banks of the Hooghly River and is one of the famous establishments that have been built in Kolkata.

The main focus of the math is in the Ramakrishna movement. Apart, from that the math is also an example of exemplary architecture and till date is famous among the people of all religions.

Birla Mandir: One of the things that one must do in Kolkata is visiting the temples around the city. One can hire a Kolkata car rental and reach this temple and the other temples around the city. As, for Birla temple, this temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha and is one of the best architecture around the city.