How Much renting a Limo Cost in Wedding

Unlike common perception, renting a Limo for a wedding is not costly. In fact, a Limo in the wedding will give the wedding a grand look at a comparatively cheaper cost. There are multiple factors that determine the cost of the Limo


The cost of renting a limo depends largely on when is the marriage. During special occasions like Christmas, New Year and Valentine the cost is generally on the higher side due to the increased demand for Limos for the festivities. So if you are planning to get a Limo during this period it is better to get in touch with a Toronto Limo Service well in advance and check for the prices


If your wedding is going to be in a remote location, the Limo is going to cost a bit more than what it would have cost if it is within the city. You should also make sure if any Toronto Party Bus serves the location of your wedding

How long

Weddings can last anywhere between a few hours and a few days. A short wedding makes it easier for all. But if you are planning a grand wedding across multiple days and multiple cities, get a Toronto Party Bus instead of a Limo so that you can get everyone moved from place to place in a grand and easy way

How big

Limos come in multiple shapes and sizes. And the cost of the car is directly proportional to the size of the Limo. So if you are looking get more people on board, it would cost you a little dear. Check with a Toronto Limo Service to make sure the car you book can accommodate the entire set of people.

Even with all these factors taken into consideration, a Limo costs far less than what you actually think but gives a grand look for the wedding.