Expert Corporate Travel Management & air ticket and the Beauty of It!


As businesses continue to grow globally, their travel needs and requirements also grow simultaneously. To survive in the era of cut throat competition it is very important that the companies engage in cost effective methods to cater to their global travel needs. In such a scenario a travel management company comes into the picture. They play a significant role in managing the controllable expenses of the company there by contributing to the profits. They are experts in managing and negotiating travel related services to provide you with measurable financial benefits. Hence a travel management company can help you get good deals on corporate air ticket booking, hotel reservations etc.

Historically the travel management companies have been known to specialize in ticket bookings for the travel of their customers. But today their role has undergone a diverse change. In general the services of a travel management company are engaged to look after the reservation and ticketing and this forms their core job or function. It includes everything from the reservation of travel tickets, to accommodation and even car rentals. The aim of the company here is to provide the best possible cost effective solutions to the customers.

A travel manager also has to be proactive in providing passenger assistance in a foreign country. When travelling to a foreign land their might arise many unforeseen problems like loss of luggage or documents, illness or any legal tussles. In such situations the customers should be able to account on their travel partners. Therefore they have to take up role that is much more then just corporate air ticket booking. There are other areas that might not be directly linked with travel but come under the scope of a travel management company. This includes information pertaining to the country of destination like their customs and culture, foreign exchange and many more. It becomes a great relief when the customer is equipped with such knowledge prior to commencement of his travel.

With their expertise and experience in the field a travel partner can play a significant role in designing the travel policies for the company. This includes for example framing rules on how much an employee gets as per diem expenses depending upon the destination of travel.  Since a TMC is well equipped with cost of living and expenses in the particular country they would be able to suggest effectively. Not only they can help in framing the rules but also effectively communicate it to the employees.

Today to keep up with the completion even the travel management companies are working towards giving value added services like leisure add ons to their clients. There are many who choose not to engage in such things and give straight away corporate discounts on the bookings. But there are many who provide leisure add-ons just to enhance the customer experience and further strengthen their loyalty. Therefore one can say that hiring a TMC can greatly enhance the profitability of the company both in terms of employee satisfaction and profitability.