Create Your Own Visual Travel Record with the Scratch Map

Here you are counting the days before that dream holiday to the Maldives. If there is one person who deserves a break, it’s you. You have long planned and saved for this as a treat to yourself.

You seemed to have forgotten about yourself and worked your fingers to the bone. Now, you’ve got to get away with it all and start creating your visual travel record.

The Scratch Map Adventure

After that grueling internet hunt for the travel deal that suits your budget and satisfies your dream holiday, it’s time to go back to the drawing board for your failure to seal the deal before.

Now, it’s just few days away and you should have packed up. There is no turning back. The deal was made.  Be reminded that this is your first time to travel abroad. This means you have to make the most of each step of the travel.

The best and most innovative way to do this is to create your own visual record with a Scratch Map. You want to include how breathtaking the atolls are as seen from the plane, the length and shades of blues stretching as far as your eyes could see, the moment you first set foot on the water, and the magic of seeing brightly colored fish chasing each other in a place that could perfectly nurture and protect them.

Just imagine having all of these memories being captured in the Scratch Map. You are not simply creating a visual travel record. You are immortalizing your experience. And, above all, you are taking charge of documenting everything about your dream travel.

Your adventure continues days after Maldives and you still have with you the Scratch Map! You are in full control of where to go and this makes the Scratch Map a perfect companion for your travel.

The Map Is Also Your Poster

The Scratch Map is not the typical map known to you. It is a world map that is designed to seem to focus on the oceans at first. Then, as you make trips and travels to different places and chart them using the map, you unfold and discover what it has to offer.

It is made from quality laminated paper, which offers an array of backgrounds depending on your choice. You also have the coloured foil used to form the islands and countries of the world. As you travel, you scratch off the part where you have been. Piece by piece you discover that there is something else in the Scratch Map than you expected.

Once the foil is scratched off, facts and records, which are colorfully infused, turn the once monochrome foil into islands and countries of colors. Now you have a poster of your travel adventures.

Waiting to Be Scratched

You can now have your Scratch Map plastered on your wall. Let it remain there until your next travel. It is just there ready to be scratched to give you a remainder of what you have discovered and still have to discover. It is just there to remind you of how great travels have been.