A Divine Holiday Experience – The Cruise of a Lifetime

You and your partner may have been to many places in the world, and believe that you know the definitive luxury experience. If you have never cruised from South Florida, to the Bahamas, you may be missing out on the real definition of a splendid adventure.

You just don’t get a better Land and Sea Vacation when the best of both worlds is presented to you in such an affordable and compact package. You will be taken care of in the most comprehensive way, with all of your needs and desires being catered to with expertise.

The Cruise to the Bahamas awaits all wanderlust-filled travelers, as your journey takes you to the sunny, resplendent shores of one of the most gorgeous locations in the world. After spending a few nights in the warm Southern Florida luxury hotel, get ready to embark aboard a luxury cruise ship for the Bahamas.

A Titillating Combination

Both South Florida and the Bahamas are two of the exhilaration capitals of the world, both being famous for their gorgeous weather, picturesque beaches, and nonstop party life.

Southern Florida

In Southern Florida, you will make the most out of your time in Fort Lauderdale by lounging on the beaches, or splashing out with jet skis. There are also water taxis that will take you on an exciting tour through the inter-coastal water waterways, which will provide you with access to a whole host of 5-start restaurants, VIP nightclubs, and shopping districts.

You will then move on to the heavenly everglades, one of the world’s most unique and legendary nature attractions, where airboats will propel you around such a splendid feature of American beauty at high speeds!

Now it is time for Keys! Here you will find a world of entertainment. From top-class golf courses, to enormous casinos, to more gorgeous beaches and shopping districts. Enjoy your stay in one of South Florida’s most welcoming and comfortable hotels for the duration of your stay.

Don’t get too comfortable though, because it’s soon time for you to pack up your belongings and get onboard a Norwegian luxury cruise ship headed for the Bahamas! Enjoy your days spent on one of the most comprehensively stocked entertainment and accommodation vessels around.

Welcome to the Bahamas!

Once you get to the Bahamas, you will be instantly overwhelmed by the beauty and marvel of one of the world’s most gorgeous tropical spots. You can expect to find the same level of entertainment here as you did in Florida.

The Bahamas brings exclusive shopping to a new level, where exclusive items and clothing only available on the island will find their way into your shopping bags. Discover a whole new world of mouth-watering cuisine.

Take all the time you need getting thoroughly acquainted with a whole myriad of entertainment and night life services. And, of course, get lost in a marvelous beaches and jungles that bring the sunny spirit of the Bahamas to all of its visitors.