The Importance of Mexican Auto Insurance

           The Importance of Mexican Auto InsuranceThe Mexican law demands that you have a Mexican Auto Insurance policy if you are driving in Mexico. The insurance coverage is meant to cover you, the car, your family as well as any liability for any damage in case of an accident that you are held responsible. However, what most of us are not aware of is that Mexican auto policy is different from the US and the Canadian policies.

Therefore, the two policies are considered invalid once you cross the border to Mexico with your car. Besides, the Mexican law requires you to purchase liability insurance from companies that are licensed to offer a cover in the country.

What are the Main Differences from the US Policy?
Some of the differences between Mexican and the American auto policy include the following:
• In a case of any accident, while driving in Mexico, Mexican auto insurance will cover you regardless of the extent of the damage. However, Mexican law does not recognize typical American liability policy, and therefore, it does not cover those claims in Mexico.The Mexican authorities demand that a licensed Mexican insurance company should be involved in offering the liability to the damage caused. Consequently, if you experience an accident while driving in Mexico without a Mexican liability insurance or any other way of covering the harm, you might be detained for some time to wait for the investigation.
Medical Payments
The Mexican auto insurance policy offers medical payment to cover all the vehicle occupants.
Legal Help
According to the Mexican policy, the insurance company should give you a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf and the company.
Covers Theft and Physical Damage
The Mexican policy can be purchased to cover losses that result from collision, fire, theft and other risks. However, the company pays only the cash value but not the deductible if you suffer a loss.
Roadside and Travel Assistance
You can get travel assistance coverage by purchasing a Mexican auto insurance, which offers a tire change, tow truck, gas and a locksmith.

What is the Best Way to Buy Mexican Auto Insurance?
The most recommendable way to purchase Mexican car Insurance is online through a reputable company like Mexican Insurance Store which has a sterling record for many years. This is through large enterprises that have partnerships with specialized international car insurance policies. However, you can as well purchase the policy at the border although it will cost you more. The following are the requirements before you get a Mexican auto policy:
• State the type of the car
• Give the value of your car
• The value limits that you want
• Duration in Mexico
• The places that you will be driving in Mexico
• If you are towing anything
• Presence of an under 21 drivers

In conclusion, you will still need the Mexican auto insurance even if you rent a car n Mexico. The process of renting a car is similar to that of the US, but the insurance laws are the same as when you are the owner. Moreover, many rental services are operating in Mexico that also provides insurance policies.