Get all the details for applying the Vietnam visa

When you are planning a trip to Vietnam, whether you want to explore the magnificent features or enjoying the honeymoon with your life partner, you should definitely need the Vietnam visa. In the traditional days, attaining the visa is quite hard and you need to follow some essential procedures. But, the arrival of the internet has made a wide range of the features and therefore, one can able to use it even for applying the visa. In order to apply for the visa over the internet, you need to gather a lot of requirements. Especially, the photograph is the ultimate requirement one should have for applying the Vietnam visa. Well, you should also concentrate on the Vietnam visa photo size to get the visa instantly over the internet.

Requirements to apply for the visa

Once you have applied for the Vietnam visa, it can easily be attained within the shortest period of time. In fact, the processing time of the visa is only 5 to 7 days and therefore, you can easily attain it whenever you want.

Applying through the internet can give you a large number of benefits and they are mentioned as follows.

  • Processing time of the visa never overcomes two working days and it is faster to attain within a certain period of time.
  • Payment method can easily do through the various payment gateways like PayPal and many more.
  • When it comes to the photo, there are so many requirements that should be followed and they are listed as follows.

In the photo, the face of the applicant should be in the mode of neutral expression without frowning and smiling.

  • Photo should be taken recently within 6 months of the application date.
  • Photos should be taken in the white background and printed on the best quality paper
  • The applicant should not wear any kind of the glasses while taking the photo.
  • Along with these things, the hats, scarves, veins are also prohibited.
  • Size of the photo should be 4X6 cm or 2X2 inches

These are the most important concern one needs to follow while submitting the photos when applying for the Vietnam visa.

If you have decided to apply for the Vietnam visa over the internet, you need to have some important requirements. They are extremely important to make your travel to be good and effective. Today, the internet site is available for offering you all the details about applying for the visa or the passport easily. The guides on the online site are really beneficial for making your visa purchase to be good.

As soon as you have applied for the visa over the internet, you can simply attain it whenever you want. Well, the processing time of such visa is extremely great and therefore, you can attain it instantly by knowing the Visa requirements for Vietnam in the easiest way. If you want to know more details about the visa requirements, it is quite better to search over the online page.