4 car maintenance rules

Drivers are keeping their car longer and driving further than ever before, this is in no part thanks to the improvements that the automobile industry has made with technology. However, drivers are also starting to realise the importance of properly maintaining their cars which is another reason for the longer life span. Modern cars don’t require as much attention as they did 50 years ago but don’t fall into a false sense of security, there are still several things that drivers need to keep an eye out for. This post is designed to help inexperienced drivers properly maintain their car to save them money and time in the future.


The first feature to address is the oil, it has been said that oil is the life blood of any vehicle, this isn’t entirely accurate because unless you have a specific illness you do not need to change your blood when on the other hand nothing specific must happen before you change your oil. If you look in your owner’s manual you’ll find instructions on how often you should be changing your vehicle’s oils and what type of oil you should be using. The old rule of oil change is to change it every 3 months or ever 3000 miles whichever comes first. These days modern cars can travel up to 5000 and even 10000 miles before needing a change.

Air Filter

Your air filters are an important component of your car and should be treated accordingly. If you haven’t changed your filters in a long time then you can be certain that when you check it it’ll be full of dirt, dust, debris and other lose metals that are restricting the air flow needed to make sure the car is running effectively. The frequency of changing your filters depends of how many miles you drive each year and the atmospheric conditions during those miles. Most car manufacturers would recommend that you change your filters every 5000 miles which should give you enough time to see the difference.


Your tyres are the lowest points on your car and is also the most exposed to the surfaces. The life expectancy of your tyres just like the other components on your car can differ depending on a variety of things like the type of driver that you are and the type of car you drive among other things. You should be checking your tyre pressure from time to time will save you money and time in the future as you can identify and address problems with your tyres before it turns into a bigger problem. If you notice any cuts or bulges in your tyres then it might be time to invest in a new set, you can find and purchase tyres online and even schedule in a mobile tyre fitting.

Keep your car clean

Keeping your car clean is always necessary for the smooth running and longevity of your car. One of the most important part to consider when thinking about maintaining your car is its prolonged exposure to the sun, grease, grime, dirt and other debris. All of these have the potential to harm the structural integrity of your car as well as the paint job and overall appearance.