Island Hopping Split


Island hopping has become an exciting and reasonably cheap form of adventurous holidaying. It is what it says, you ‘hop’ from one island to another, by way of a small cruise boat.

Greece has been, for many years, one of the premiere destinations for this fun and rewarding type of holiday break. However there’s a new kid on the block! And that’s Croatia, or more precisely the Croatian coastline.

And that’s because there are hundreds of closely located islands within quick and easy access of one another. It’s a bit like speed dating, a whirlwind of activity, a rainbow of spectacular views and diverse cultural activity. Hmm, second thoughts, not really anything like speed dating is it?

You get the drift.

  • Who or where is Split?

Split is the second largest city in Croatia, it stands on the on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea; a beautiful and diverse city with architectural and cultural influences from the past and present.

From your initial destination point, Split, you’ll have easy access to the wonderfully various string of plenteous and spellbinding islands.

Get to Split and paradise is on the doorstep.

There are a number of tour operators offering island hoppingin Split and around these fantastic islands, but …

  • Which tour operator would you recommend?

There’s no better recommendation than that of a satisfied customer. Go online, a pretty confusing experience at the best of times, try and find a company with a good portfolio of positive reviews or, better still find one with a live blog where you can communicate with realcustomers.

A holiday destination is best remembered through photographs, a picture, after all, is worth a thousand words. So, find a site that has a photographic diary of the places you’re signing up to visit.

Furthermore find a company with an easy to navigate, informative, no nonsense site.

You’ll need to know which islands their tour includes and some detail of what you can expect to encounter.

In direct answer to your question, I would whole heartedly recommend GECKO TOURS, especially their 6 island tour!

  • What do I get for my money?

The whole package is beautifully outlined and, quite honestly, unbeatable value, currently priced at an incredible £115!

Their tour boats are not, as so many are, packed. There’s always an accomplished and knowledgeable guide, speaking in clear English, plus anextremely obliging, competent and ‘chirpy’ crew.

The tour itinerary is clearly laid out, with pick up at 8am. First stop, the glorious Island of Bisevo and the stunning Blue Cave. What a start! And believe me that is just the start.

  • In conclusion

Visit the GECKO website and be prepared to become entranced by the beautiful opportunities their tours present. A professionally run business with an outstanding track record. Just look at the quality of their website!

What’s more it doesn’t cost the earth!

Go to their website now and check out all the options; you’ll find helpful information, a full itinerary and an easy booking system.

Follow this link to discover the wonders of GECKO’S island hopping tours off the coast of Croatia … GECKO TOURS