How to travel from London to Paris?

Welcome guys wherever you are , Today we will leave London and I have a magic wand where I put inside the bag and set off for Paris via the Eurostar train

  • Here is the online booking site: loco2

Eurostar: Tickets, Bookings, Ti …. bles, fares and offersWe left St Pancras from London.

*The price of an online ticket with only one way is 73 pounds, approximately $ 110

– Now we will mention the travel procedures step by step, the procedures are no different from any international airport.

– It is necessary to show the tickets, passports, visa and inspection procedures. Thank God, there was no problem with this, and the treatment was very polite and respectable.At the bottom of the ticket is how to cross the barrier to enter the inspection procedures.

-Each trolley accommodates about 56 passengers.

– Place the small bags in the upper shelf which is made like in aeroplanes and is composed of two shelves and in each vehicle from the train cars start a specific place to put the bags medium and large, so be sure to go early to the cart so you can put large bags before others and know your special vehicle number.and the train will move exactly in time.

– Two and a quarter hours later we arrived at the Gare du Nord station in Paris.There were no procedures at this station, no passports, no inspection, nothing.

This is all what we can mention about the easiest way to travel from London to Paris.wish you a safe trip.