Traveling with Pets

Traveling with your furry friend is now easier than ever! There are so many options available to help keep you and your pet safe and secure while making sure the trip is an enjoyable one. Check out these gadgets to make your trip a breeze whether you’re traveling by plane or car! And make sure to check out

Collapsible bowls

These handy little things are great for any kind of travel. They are made out of silicone so they are easy to clean and they fold up flat for when they aren’t in use. They are ideal for trips where you will be making quick stops along the way for exercise and snacks. Make sure to bring plenty of bottled water on your trip for you and your pet. Even if your pet is used to tap water you never know when you might end up somewhere that you can find a spicket.

Seat Covers and Hammocks

For a large breed dog a hammock is a great way to protect your seats and give your pooch room to stretch their legs. These usually come with a built in harness to keep Fido safe on the trip and to keep him from trying to jump in the front seat and help with the driving! A regular seat cover will work great for a smaller breed that doesn’t require as much leg room. The best part about these covers is that they keep your seats from being covered in fur. When your trip is over you simply take the cover out and shake all the fur off! Your seats are saved and your car doesn’t smell like a dog!

Carriers and Leashes

Small breed dogs and cats will probably need a carrier to ride in for while you are walking around. Most cats aren’t too keen on leashes and small dogs have a tendency to get run over by big feet not paying attention to where they are going. For a dog that is too large to fit in a carrier you’ll want to make sure you have a good strong leash. A retractable leash will make sure that you can keep your dog close by when space is cramped and let him roam more when he has plenty of room.

For pet accessories the possibilities are endless and include bright pretty collars as well as backpacks for dogs. Take into account what kind of trip you’ll be on when you purchase your supplies but make sure you have all of the above before you leave home!