Hello my friends you want to go to NEW ZEALAND , but you don’t know the Best Time To Visit New Zealand?

If you are thinking of traveling to New Zealand, the first thing you will think about in the coming period will be the Best Time To Visit New Zealand, the isolated island nation of the Southwest Pacific, and it is known that its geographical location south of the globe makes the climate unlike the North.

 – AND now we will talk about the seasons in NEW ZEALAND:

1-Summer .. hot and crowded:

Summer time starts between December and February, and people prefer to lie on the beach, enjoy water sports, walk in the woods or cycle. Hot weather prevails over New Zealand in December, and this is a great opportunity for adventure.

January is the hottest month with many events, festivals, concerts and summer events that continue until February and are very popular for visiting New Zealand.

2-Autumn .. Perfect for hiking
If you want to escape from the busy tourist season or enjoy the charming natural surroundings with some coolness and calm, the fall will be nice as long as you will wear somewhat warm clothes.

March is late summer, with warm days with some breeze, and moderate daylight hours, where you can take advantage of outdoor activities. This period remains common for some sunbathing as well.

With the beginning of the fall of April, the colors will be amazing in nature as the colors of the leaves change, making the scenery beautiful in the forests and national parks. May is the beginning of winter and the temperature begins to fall. so its from the Best Time To Visit New Zealand .

3-Winter .. An opportunity for travelers from the hot spots
Is it is an unforgettable experience in the warm winter we meet so its from the best times to travel to NEWZEALAND. You will enjoy an amazing opportunity to enjoy skiing or walking in quiet trails in the snowy mountains everywhere and there are a number of ski areas in all Across New Zealand.

June is officially the beginning of the winter season, where everyone is waiting for snowfall and open ski clubs, as well as the Queenstown Winter Festival, a major annual event with many activities for the whole family.

In July and August, ski places are open in all appropriate places, with trails for hiking and mountain climbing in a safer way. August is perhaps the best month for snow sports.

4-Spring .. Exploring nature:

The hours of the day begin to lie during the spring months, with cold winds mixed with the warmth of the sun, daffodils and fruit trees opening, and activities and adventures from winter sports, skiing to walking in forests, climbing mountains and exploring nature.

September is late winter and snow sports are in its final days with the first spring flowers, and in October and November nature continues to prove its beauty in different colors, with occasional winds and a few tourists who will begin to flock in the summer of December.so its from the Best Time To Visit New Zealand.

And now we’re gonna talk about the landmarks in NEW ZEALAND:


This place located in the Bay of Pleinti of the North Island of New Zealand is called the charming nature; it contains hot water springs that emerge from the ground, boiling mud, volcanic terraces and boiling water pools; all hot water in Rotorua; Because it is characterized by being the largest thermal area on earth, the tourist can practice the hobby of swimming and mountain climbing, and enjoy mud baths, and the visitor does not miss the opportunity to identify the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand.


TASMAN NATIONAL PARK is a park that allows tourists to see beautiful natural scenery because it is located in a sunny area on the top of the South Island. The park offers relaxing places for visitors, hiking and climbing to Abel Tasman Rock, On the sea, you can see the dolphins and explore the sand bays.


IT is located on the east coast of the South Island near the Pacific Ocean. It is a seaside village for marine life lovers; marine organisms such as whales and dolphins swim in the waters of Kaikoura, the visitor does not miss the chance to see them, and eat seafood known as lobster.


For adventure enthusiasts QUEENS TOWN offers the ideal place for mountain climbing, rope jumping and waterboat riding in the summer in Lake Wakatebo, a predominantly green blue lagoon. In the winter, snowboarding that tops the peaks of the mountains .

5-Auckland is an important commercial city:

Its busy all the time of the year so its best time to travel to NEWZEALAND any time of year, second only to the capital, Wellington, both in terms of importance and size. Both Oakland and the capital are located on the northern island of New Zealand. Oakland can be compared to the Australian city of Sydney, with twenty-two regional parks, 50 islands and hiking trails And other aspects of architecture, such as buildings, markets and restaurants that are predominantly English in design. One of the most famous commercial towers is the Auckland Tower or Sky Tower, which is 328 meters long. Visitors can see the magnificent views of the 80 km of the tower, which is a tourist attraction in Auckland.

6-The National Park of Tongariro:

Its an ideal place and for all the elements of nature and its different terraces. In the garden, visitors can see three active volcanoes. The visitor seeks a natural environment from rainforests where different wild animals live, as well as the tranquil lakes and some desert areas.

so The best time to travel to NEW ZEALAND any time of year. HOPE you enjoyed the article and have fun in NEW ZEALAND.