Hello my friends you want to go to Barcelona , but you don’t know the Best Time To Visit Barcelona?
will this article will answer your question.

 – Introuduction about Barcelona:

The Spanish city of Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain after the capital Madrid. It is the capital of the Catalonia region. It is located on the northeastern side of the Iberian peninsula. It overlooks the Mediterranean coast between the Buerigat and Bézios rivers, a city of about 1.6 million people. In 1992 the Catalan Olympic Games.

 – General information about Barcelona:

1- Geography :

The city of Barcelona Spanish on a plateau of approximately five kilometers width, and with regard to its borders, it is linked to the series of mountains Kulsarola border, and to the south-west bounded by the River Ywerigat, on the north is the Bezor River, As a whole to about seventy-one hundred square kilometers.

2- Climate :

The climate of the city of Barcelona is affected by the climate of the Mediterranean cities so its slightly hot at summer and warm at winter that you can choose the preferable weather to visit it and we recommend that any time of year is the Best Time To Visit Barcelona. The annual rainfall is about 7,000 mm per year. Most of them fall in the winter season. In the summer, the city has the average temperature by 24 degrees Celsius in August , so its nice and considered the Best Time To Visit Barcelona.

3- Economy :

The city of Barcelona is one of the most important commercial cities in Spain, and it is ranked first among the major industrial cities, and it is a center of attraction of great importance, in addition to the existence of major banks such as the Bank of Kaixa Catalonia and Bank La Caixaaz.

4- Sports :

Barcelona is famous for its sports and sports clubs. The two teams have participated in many World Cup and European Championships, Barcelona and Espanyol, and Barcelona have a special stadium in Camp Stadium. To host more than 98 thousand spectators, and is the largest stadium in the European continent , so you’re supposed to go to Barcelona at the sportive season and as a result you will go between January to May and August to Decembre , so its any time of year is the Best Time To Visit Barcelona.

 – Archaeological sites:

The visitor of the city of Barcelona is usually advised to visit a number of ancient monuments:

1-The Holy Family Church:

This ancient church was built by the international architect Antonio Gaudi. It took 15 years to build. The Holy Family Church is an attraction for tourists from all over the world. , Because of its beauty, splendor and high rise, and it is characterized by the large presence of stone statues, which is one of the most famous religious monuments.

2-The fish park in Barcelona:

Its located near Barcelona’s port of Vorteval. Barcelona’s marine park is one of the most exotic and exotic parks in the city, due to the attractive nature of the marine animals. In 1996, this attractive park has the largest aquarium in the world. The aquarium is shaped like a glass passageway that displays fish, coral reefs, fishes and sea worms.

3-The National Museum:

The museum dates back to the time of the Abbasid Caliph Abu Jaafar al-Mansur, but the Spanish government worked to obliterate the museum and turn it into a national musical museum.

At the end we invite you guys to travel to Barcelona any time of year because the whole year is the Best Time To Visit Barcelona. Adios Amigos :).