What Best Places To Visit?

Hello guys , you wanna go to a nice place where you will have a new interesting experience?? will , you must read the next topic.

Best Places To Visit with friends The tourist can choose where he wants to go during his next tourist trip, he begins to search for the best places to enjoy his pleasure and provide him with a large number of new experiences and landscapes that remain in mind, and keep it away from the concerns and problems Which disturbs his daily life, the following are mentioned to some of the best places to go to.

And here is the top five places you should go and have fun with friends:

1- Petra :

Petra is located in Jordan and is considered to be the most place attract tourists to Jordan next to the Dead Sea because of its historical value and its architectural heritage, which forms a whole city carved in the rock, dating back to the Byzantine state that took Petra as its main center.

Petra also is super fun to stroll around its long, narrow aisles and sometimes narrow alleys, between the rocky slopes around it.

2- Phi Phi island :

It’s one of Thailand’s oldest islands dating back to prehistoric times. The island also contains a number of its small islands, which are famous for the green nature of the high elevations of formed water For her, you can enjoy the beauty of these islands by taking a tour of its surrounding waters using homemade wooden boats.


3- Iceland :

Is one of the world’s most prestigious countries. It has a number of unique natural features, among high-rise waterfalls, one of the oldest in the world. Natural water on the earth located in the northern region of the island.

4- Bora Bora Island :

The island of Bora Bora is located in the southern center of the Pacific Ocean. This island formed the remains of a number of volcanoes that have become peaceful and safe after erupting several times, away from the outside world and isolated from it with its various inconveniences, pollution and various problems.you can relax with its Calm and picturesque nature, as well as simply enjoy living within the hotel apartments built over the waters of its clean coastline.
IF you go to any of these places take me with you please 🙂